Missed My Guess!

I was listening to a demo tape from some band I’d never heard of. The manager lived next door to the bartender’s cousin, or something like that, anyway they had come to me. I didn’t mind, new talent was often cheaper than then bands with a following. I could probably get these guys for free drinks and a percent of the door. That would be a good deal if they had any talent. Their manager was trying to act all cool, like he did this everyday. I could tell he was not a professional, probably a friend or relative of a band member.

‘ So what do you think? ‘ he asked.

I paused, ‘ They really lack soul,’ I said. ‘ I think you need a saxophone player, try that and call me in a couple of weeks.’

Boy was I wrong! The went on to be a number one band just the way the were.


The mean little fire ants were going to be going on a secret adventure soon for the Queen. The ants were so excited to go on this special mission. They decided to start working out so they would be in shape. While working out they came across a Bolton CCTV and got distracted and forgot all about training. When they finally realized what they are supposed to be doing the other ants where long gone. They really needed to catch up so they set out on an adventure. Along the way they got lots of training. When they arrived the other ants were so excited to see them. Some of the ants were captured and they couldnow be heroes. The ants helped to save the day and all the captured ants were so happy to be free.

Flexible Schedule

I went to school to be a makeup artist Manchester ten years ago and I made a great decision early on in life. Typically, I have my side clients come over on the weekends so that I can make great cash on the side. During the week, I work at a department store about 30 hours per week in the beauty section. This keeps me up-to-date on all new makeup arrivals and we get useful information for the trending popularity for applications.

I am only 26 years old and I feel that I am doing pretty well in life. My house is almost paid for and that makes me extremely happy. I recently just got engaged and am getting married next year. My soon to be husband loves my work schedule because it is very flexible. We always have time to spend with each other and try to take off for a vacation twice a year.

Passing on Good Habits to Your Children

Parents have passed on habits intended to help their children for years. Parents teach kids to brush their teeth, eat breakfast in the morning and to clean their ears among other things. Unfortunately, sometimes the best methods for accomplishing these habits don’t get passed along. Children brush their teeth, but they forget about the gums. They eat breakfast, but it’s not filled with nutrition. Children use q-tips but they never learn about ear irrigation Manchester. The last one is particularly significant, if children don’t learn how to properly clean out their ears from a young age they can be prone to getting ear infections that may affect their quality of life for years to come. Learning the best techniques for daily routines is very important for both you and your children’s health.

Lend Me Your Ear… Please?

Just looking at me, you wouldn’t know that I am just a bit hard-of-hearing. At my youthful and spry age of twenty-five, it is difficult to accept that I may need help. Unfortunately, as time has progressed since my son was born, I have slowly but surely lost some of my hearing faculty. As a mother, hearing is important, but sometimes it is nice to be without. Certain family members find it amusing that I am unable to hear something three inches away, yet somehow manage to sense (as if by magic) someone walk in to my room while I am asleep. This generally results in a gasp, followed by raucous laughter. When I am in the kitchen and my son is just outside the door yelling at me, and my ears register nothing but a tickle… Well, it may be time to look into my options on hearing aids Manchester.

Saying Hello Once I Said Goodbye

I go to the cemetery every week since my wife was taken from me. Some people might think this is a bit too much, but every time I go, I take her flowers. I should have done this more when she was alive.

I refuse to go to just some retail store that sells flowers in a cooler. I go to my local florist Harrogate. There is nothing better for my lovely wife with whom I miss greatly. Yeah, people laugh because I pay a great amount of money, but that is what someone you love greatly deserves is it not?

I know I’m not the only one. I see the other widows who pay the same amount for something so beautiful to sit upon a grave of the one they lost. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. It’s not being morbid. It’s being the one who honors them long after they are gone.

Selective Hearing?

After water accumulates in his ear while taking a shower, 47 year old Wally Fishelper experiences a temporary diminishment in hearing ability.

On a recent Saturday night, Wally was experiencing a temporary reduction in hearing ability while visiting a nightclub.

While at the club, Wally struck up a conversation with a woman that was a wedding makeup artist on the staff of a national TV news program. The two seemed to get along well, so they decided to meet up again, in the future.

The next day, Wally was telling a co-worker about the woman he met the night before. He said that the woman is pretty, smart and energetic.

Wally also said that this woman is the only person he ever heard of that had a job as a make-out artist.